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Hey all,

Wondering if an 06 brute force 750 fit on a GMC Canyon long box? Considering buying one but want to know if my Brute would fit.

Anyone have one of these??

I think the wheel wells might be too narrow for the brute. Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on that.


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I doubt it, I have the Ranger with the Long box (6'1"), no way my Brute fits, I use a utility trailer.
I agree..I think John's Canyon is about the same as your Ranger and..nope..I don't think so. What was your F350's bed? It fit in that..right? 6'6 or so? But did the tailgate latch?

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Yes, The F350 shortbox I could close the tailgate with the Brute but my Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail I would have had to leave the front wheels on the tailgate and required to load it backwards.
Problem with the Rangers/Canyons is also between the fender wells, not wide enough. I remember yrs ago a friend ended up taking out his rear Ranger window by trying to load a full size atv in the bed, lol.
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