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What Have You Done For Your Brute Today !

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From another popular site this kind of thread gives everyone a place to post something thay just got done doing for their machines. Even if you just fired it up or washed it, POST IT!!

I'll start

Fitted my new Moose Dual Gasser Throttle on the bar today. Looks good...works great!. Can't use my new ODI grips so ordered a set of Pro Grip 793s. Also ordered a set of Douglas Quadrasport rims from Dicks ATV for that extra set of tires I have. Here's some pics. I did order the gray and black grips though.

I'm moving the 4wd drive switch to the left side replacing the override button with an HD stainless push on/off. I wanted a double pole switch so I could have the override and the 4wd and the only one that fit the size and type is made in England. Its on its way. And to make it water proof, the special cap has to come from Japan (wouldn't you know). That also is on its way. Pics? OK, here ya go.

Ok, your turn. Remember...we love pics and vids.
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Twice the fun :)
Looking at what these trailers are costing these days, looks like a good deal.
The wife's brute got some new shoes over the weekend. Didn't have a chance to test then out yet other than around the neighborhood but they seem to ride pretty nice. They are the tusk terraform tire. Stuck with the 25's on hers.
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Good look'n tire.
Nice. Looks like they’ll ride smooth.
Here are a few teasers pic's, I'll get the Brute out on the Driveway on the Happy 4TH! with some better pic's and the other upgrades I have added.
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Looking good man (y) Happy 4th of July everyone.
Yeah...that's the stuff! :) (y)
OK, finally got the 19 Brute out for a few rides, presently in Southern Colorado/Northern New Mexico.
Without a doubt the Stock Shocks Suck, Elkas's Stage 3's will be the next Needed Upgrade, - in the near future!

But for now, 1- I add a Winch, mounted the Winch contractor on the rear of the Brute, under the Battery Box, in-out at the left handlebar switch
2- Took the ugly reflectors off and had some Decals made, The Kawasaki on the rear side fenders are in Carbon Black with RED Reflective Outline
3- Added Limited Edition Decals to both front side Fenders and the rear left Fender in Bright Lime Green
4- Replaced the Red Reflective tape above the rear tail light with a RED Reflective made-to-order KAWASAKI decal
5- Tap into the Horn Accessory wire for power to the Raptor Looking Lights in the Front Grill, used Bright LED Bolt Green Lights(3), connected to a 3way light switch so I can turn them on or off at any time(only work with Key "ON" though), the 3way switch has a indicator Green LED lite when the Front Lights are on.
6- Tap into the Accessory Wire(12v Plug) for the dual USB Connector/Volt Meter readout, both the USB and 3way switch are located just behind the gear shifter
7- ITP SS Wheels with 26x9/26x11x12 Terracross Radial Tires
8- Voyager GPS Unit, monitors Tachometer and Coolant temperature along with the other GPS Functions
9- Powermadd Handguards
10- Rear Fuel Packs
11- Overfender's
12-Dual Mirrors (Rocky Mountain ATV(UTV Section)
13- Aluminum Product's A/Arm Guard's
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Dang...if you aren't careful..you'll have some real money tied-up in that new girl...lol. Nice work-on all. :)
Thanks, NMK.
More Good News, The ELKA Stage 3's are now in shipping status, 2-4 weeks ahead of the stated time I thought it was going to be.
I'm still up in Colorado (where the rain everyday will not come to an end) I'll head down for a quick round trip to pick up the ELKA's.
Can't wait to get them on.
The ELKA Stage 3's (all 4) arrived earlier than expected.
Now this is the way a Brute Force is supposed to handle, ride and ride in total control and a comfortable ride to boot.

Also added a heat shield for the left leg heat issues, along with 2 carbon fiber heat shields mounted on the front header pipe.
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Well, let's see. My 07 750 has had the rear brake parts replaced, it now has a HMF Titan Quiet full exhaust system and jetted it, replaced all of the A-arm bushings and drilled them for grease zerks. I've cleaned the clutches (converters), installed a new belt, replaced the driven spring and now waiting on the primary spring, weight bushings and pins. I'll be installing an aftermarket fan shroud and better fan this weekend along with SGROI kit to remove the 4x4 actuator and delete the KEBC (if I decide to). I weight matched all of the clutch weights, one was .48g heavier than the lightest one. Last year I replaced the stock shocks with Bronco gas charged shocks (couldn't afford Elkas) and I made this game trailer for hunting:

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Reset the 100 hour belt light.
Nice. Looks like some cold work about to happen though...lol
Hopefully by putting the plow on, you will scare away the snow :sneaky:
That was my thought
Hopefully by putting the plow on, you will scare away the snow :sneaky:
Nice. Clean looking.
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