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What’s the biggest winch?

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I’m trying to figure out what’s the biggest winch you can install on a 750. My brother gave me the one he bought for his 750 but never install it. Its a 5k lb winch from harbor freight (yeah I know it’s over kill that’s just how he is lol) I’m not finding any mounts recommended for 5k. I don’t want to Order one and the winch ends up being to big to mount. The winch is 6.5x3
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I've heard 3s and 3500s are about it
I never saw the point of anything more then a 1500 lbs wench. A brute weighs in at about 700 lbs. Add 300 lbs for you and a bunch of gear. I've heard people say they need a bigger winch to which others out. Hmmm, nice thought but probably not a great idea. Self recovery should be in mind or maybe to help a trail mate of similar weight.
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