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Hey guys i see i have a bunch of PM's at Kawieriders BUT i can not read them

So if any of you want to PM me here i will get you the info thanks alot guys

Gentlemen, if I could have your attention please! As most of you know I teach Automotive Technology to students with special needs and also teach Motorcycle Service as well. This past weekend my students competed in the Virginia State Skills USA Skills and Leadership Conference. One of my students Michael competed in Motorcycle Service Technology and won the Gold Medal. Since Michael won the competition he now has a huge opportunity he will be the student representing Virginia at the Skills USA National Skills and Leadership Conference in Kansas City. Some of you being gear heads and such may be aware of Skills USA or its former name VICA, and know just how big of an opportunity this is for Michael we are talking thousands of dollars in scholarships and prizes.

Now the plea for some help, the cost to get Michael and myself to Kansas City for the conference is quite steep. The only help we get from the county is $346. The cost of this trip is going to exceed $3200. So, I am asking for charitable cash donations. If anyone is interested in helping a very deserving young man it would be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind that this is a charitable donation and is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. So, if you would like to donate and help Michael please contact me VIA PM or E-mail and will give you more information like a phone number etc. You will be donating to a school so you will receive a thank you letter and a letter on school letterhead stating the amount for your taxes.

Typically we would just do fundraising but our competition was so late this year we do not have time to fundraise, the money and registration are due on May 14.

Thank you very much for your consideration on this matter.

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