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Speed wobble/tires

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I’m thinking about getting new tires on my 2020 all stock brute force 750eps
It has a wobble between 30-40mph only noticed this on hard dirt and the asphalt road before I get to the trails, I still can’t figure out what it is and don’t want to end up getting tires that make it worst, I have a lot of swamp deep water/mud where I ride, any suggestions? Also can I go up a size without having to change anything? Thanks
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First, check for any warn or loose parts like ball joints, tierod ends and wheel bearings. Then check the toe-in. Many have too much which will cause some wobble known as cow-toeing on hard pack and pavement. Set the toe to between zero and 1/8" total toe-in. The book will say 10mm+- but that's too much.
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Have you taken the tires/wheels off and taken them to a shop and had them balanced? I was about to throw away the Kenda Executioner tires that came on my 05 650 SRA but $15 and a lot of lead weights has it acceptably smooth up to 60 mph. Try that first. Make sure there's no mud/dirt caked on the wheels of course.
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