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Knee and ankle injuries are some of the most common in the powersports world. Some riders tend to think that wearing any kind of protective gear on their knees and ankles is overkill until they feel the pain from torn ligaments, muscles, or broken bones. Read an article written by our resident technical writer Timothy Zahl explaining how you can protect your limbs in extreme situations.

Your limbs have a hard time when you’re doing aggressive tricks or trying to race your buddies, and when things go wrong, your knees and ankles are almost always the first to take a hit, so it’s very important to keep them well protected. Our store offers a wide range of first-rate knee and ankle pads and braces designed to elevate your safety and riding comfort to the next level.

Are Knee and Ankle Protection Necessary During Powersports Activities?

Click the image to enter the article page at POWERSPORTSiD.com
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If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, in a PM, or call our tech experts at 888.903.4348​
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