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Prairie 700

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This thing is bad to the bone. It is close to #1 in every department that I ride in. I'm sure in other departments it will do very well but not the best. We will see. Time will tell. :lol: I know on the hard pack/grass, I can whoop up on any sport quad around here. I'm waiting to run into a Renegade...I'm pretty sure that one will be another notch in my back fender. :unibrow:
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There are times I wish I had bought a utility quad. The V isn't that much lighter than a Prairie and I find myself not jumping a lot anyways. The prairies are way more comfy to ride and there are times the full fenders would be nice.
I'm up to no good. :unibrow: I can't really call this a winter project cause I've been working all winter. I don't have any big plans, but about 5-10 little ones depending on how my spring goes. It's not to technical like Flyin's new intake or nothing, but you may be pleasantly surprised. We'll see how it goes. Oh...and I'm adding some bling. :nod:
:p Rub it in :lol:
The P700 is a super machine.
The Renegade is really super, power-wise. It will probably hurt you in a drag race.
I'd like to see Kawi step up to the plate with a real set of heads for the Prairies, BF's and KVF's. We need a set of heads designed to breathe at 8000 RPM's, not 5000 RPM's.
It's embarrassing to see a Kawi twin head laying on a bench next to a Can-Am twin head..... it's like big brother/baby brother.
The only way a Renegade is going to hurt me in a drag race is if he runs into the back of me after I stop past the finish line. :unibrow: But the question is...will I need to push the button, or not. :p
One thing I'm finding out from guys around here with the renegade is they just can't stay clean. They are always wiping off their goggles . One rip through the mud and they are covered. I'm glad I decided to put some money into my P rather than picking up one of these short fendered mud slingers. Plus I'll be faster. :unibrow:
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