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Powersports helmets designed to protect the rider’s head in case of an accident were invented over a century ago, before World War I when bikes became faster and riding became more dangerous. First helmets were made of thick leather offering only a minimum level of protection, relatively good abrasion resistance, and virtually no impact protection. When rider head injuries start to pile up, one of the British neurosurgeons came up with a brilliant idea of a hard shell helmet preventing penetration on impact.

An SAE certified mechanic and technical writer Michael Grayen wrote an article that dives deep into the history of helmets and principles standing behind different helmet certifications. Read the full article available at the link below to learn the difference between DOT, ECE, SHARP, and SNELL helmet certifications, along with types of tests performed to determine the helmet safety rating.

Powersports Helmet Certifications | What are the Differences among DOT, ECE, SHARP, & SNELL?

Click the image to enter the article page at POWERSPORTSiD.com
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If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, in a PM, or call our tech experts at 888.903.4348​
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