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After my first 150 miles since I bought this Used 535 mile 19 BF 750 LE I am very pleased with the machine.

Shocks- are terrible, I haven't ridden a Brute 750 since my 2005 with the stock shocks and I just plain forgot how bad the stock shocks really are. Can't ride my style of riding because I can ride pass the performance of the stock shocks, I can actually feel the ITP Terracross tires not staying in contact with the ground, hit a tight corner fast and I get nosedive, rough sections I bounce all over the place. Elka Stage 3's are now on Order but probably won't see them till the end of this summer.
MPG- better than I expected but probably because I can't ride the way I want to, out on an open straight stretch I do hammer down though.
Love that VTwin sound, sure did miss it when I had my Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail with its inline 700cc, it sounded like a sewing machine, drove me nut's!
Powersteering- works great for me, don't know what everyone is complaining about with the EPS with the Brutes. The 19 I will say the EPS is different than my 2012 was but I have No Beef's with the 19.
Throttle response- seems to get off the line quicker than the 12 did but it's been a while since I have ridden a Brute 750.
Exhaust note- from idle up to around 12mph it is the loudest stock Brute I have ever owned but quiet's down after getting up around 15mph.
Atomic Silver Paint- flawless, looks sharp.
4-wheel Drive- engages and disengages very quietly, must be the heavier weight oil in the front diff for the smoothness and perfect engagement,

I'll update after the Elka's are installed!

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Great! Glad it feels like you are "Home" again. I've got the itch too..:) Bruce without a Brute just never seemed right...lol. It's funny about the Elkas...hard to explain to anyone that hasn't had them on a Brute. It's almost like the Brute was designed for the Stage-3 Elkas and the OEs were just tossed-on temperately....like the OE tires, Kawasaki knows damn-well no one will keep them long.

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My 19 Brute is now ready to tackle any terrain I throw at it, the stage 3 Elka's are mounted and were set-up perfect right out of the box. The only re-adjustment I did was lower the low-speed compression setting on the front Elka's from 12 clicks to 9 clicks. Rears were set at 10 clicks, today I will take them down to the 8 click setting. The preload setting from Elka is spot on for my riding, more on the softer setting. I kept the same ground clearance with the Elka's Vs the stock shocks. No doubt Elka knows how to set up your special-order shocks as I thought after the 1st ride, I would need to do some retuning but not the case here other than small adjustment's on the low-speed compression setting's. You change those setting's anyway on different trails you ride so nothing new with that adjustment. Amazing how just 3 less clicks change the feel of the front Elka's.
My previous Elka's were the stage 3's but with the racing rated springs (I bought that set used), those racing shock Elka's I was constantly changing the low-speed adjustment setting's but now that I am using the utility spring, I have a feeling I won't be changing those settings that much. Can't see myself running 15 or more clicks (30 clicks is max), when I bought the used Elka's he had them set at 18 clicks on the front and 22 clicks on the rears and the preload was really cranked up.
Here are the rear Elka Stage 3's
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mounted on my 19 Brute.
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