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How come every mud puddle finds my sons quad and not mine ??? He is 8 years going on 26 now . I clean it and after every ride his is always dirty then his moms or mine . So I have to keep it lube up well .
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He probably just find's your roost that is what allway's happen's to my son :nod: :D
make him clean it, my son has to clean his when he done riding
I bet he will love it, better start saving for that 125cc BBK!!! :lol:
Sounds like you better buy a lot of Peroxide and bandaids !!! :lol:
MHP, my Son's quad was always the dirtiest. I think it's due to them being a little lower to the ground and the splash factor is magnified. He had a Preddy 90 and the fenders didn't cover that great. And no, he didn't clean it because he'd blow off the stickers with the pressure washer and not quite get it as clean as me. Plus, I had to do the air filter and lube the chain. :nod:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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