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Is there a certain wattage that is safe to put on these machines? I'd light to get more light but don't want to roast the stator. Thanks
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Stick with something that doesn't pull more then 4amps actual if on a seperate system, 2 if wired in with the other lights. LED light output wattage doesn't convert directly to amp load but use a watt-to-amp converter and cut the amp result in half and you will be pretty close. For example I have a 24" light bar on my Z that should have pulled about 9 amps but in reality it pulls 4.6. I can verify with my Amprobe that reads DC and AC amp loads. I also have another 7" on back that should have pulled about 5 but only pulls 2.5.
Thanks for the info. That helps alot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts