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Kinda slow here lately

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What's everyone doing.... nobody having fun or what :p
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Originally posted by RPM
Just working alot, and building a bracket for my Tach.

Plus there is a bunch of the same old Fundy vs FST crap going on over at the other site. You know how everyone loves a show.
I here ya on working alot....the tach will be cool i thought is was cool on Daves bike but when i was riding it i never looked at it once and i had even told myself to look but on your guy's bikes it's hard to look at anything other then where you are going with them they are fast mochines :nod: i can't wait to get mine done even though it's not going to be as fast as your's should be fun :D

And yep it's same old crap all i can say is i love them both they make the V a very fun toy :D

And I want nice weather just when you think it's here the next day it's cold and nasty :(
Actully I think Jay, sent this site into Life Support mode when he threw his last temper tantrum and closed the site down for a week !!! When Mickey left ,other people left, and now people are doing over there what they were doing over here, so Jay shoulda just let them do it over here!!! But this is a good site and it will just take time to rebuild !!! :unibrow:
Hey I'm still here. But, I to am busy working O.T. The ship goes down river on Charlie Trials Tuesday, and after that I can kiss O.T. goodbye. I just hope they don't lay me off again (those bastards) But, I am making head way on my wheeler though. Got my bearings, clutch tool, and airfilter in, and called Jim today for details. We missed each other but tomorrows another day. Big storms here knocked out power for me 3 days others are still out. Trees down everywhere, roads flooded, it's been pretty bad. Over 100,000 without electricity let alone houses going into the ocean along the coast.

My KX 250 I took out for a little jont, didn't go too far mud every where, and DEEP too. So I rip it down the road a few times, Boy that thing goes... nothin' like a two stroke to get your blood pumping. Can't wait to get the V up and going again. After that "true roller" of Jim's I'm going with, it should hopefully wake it up some.

How many people have gone with Jim's roller?

Any ideas?

I hope it is the right choice for me? But, time will tell. I want the best and my mind is made up for which direction I am going in with it. As long as the overtime money is there I will build it, for I have made it my long term project and I'm sticking to my guns on it. Along with keeping my eye open for a 4x4 for my lady. I see that some of you guys make it a family affair so I figure what the hell. Your never too old to get out there, and she just might like it. She loves the outdoors maybe this way she can see more of it, and won't have to walk so much doing it.
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Any time these bozos want to put their money where their mouths are, they can come on down to Atoka, OK. There's a 300' strip that hosts ASDA sanctioned events. My father-in-law is good friends with the owner. I'm sure we could work something out, maybe even on a race weekend.

Screw dynos. Show me your time slip!

My quad, completely stock on 22" Sand Stars, consistently ran 6.15-6.20. (This was before the exhaust and airbox mod.)

Another guy had an FST 800 BBK that was installed by a local machine shop, who also ported his heads. He was running nitrous. His paddles were some kind of mediocre-looking V paddles, so they weren't the best. But he did have a wheelie bar. His bike consistently ran 5.05-5.10. He was disappointed he didn't get into the 4's, but I think tires would have helped that.

But the point is, THIS is a valid comparison. Two quads, same day, same track. Line 'em up, run 'em, look at the time slips. With these machines being automatics, it's not like the driver is a huge factor, so that removes one of the excuses.

And stop bragging about HP. Tell me how fast the quad is. I want to know how the complete setup works. One guy might claim he makes more HP but it doesn't show because he hasn't got the clutch dialed in. Well, too bad. If you lost, you lost. Excuses don't win races.

The guy who gets there first is fastest. The rest is just BS.

Sorry for going off-topic. I just wish both those knuckleheads would STFU.
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Who Me KTM, Mickey vs Ray , Never !!! :lol:
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