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I recently picked up a 2005 Brute Force 650 with less than 2k on it. Took it for 1 or 2 short trips around my property and then pulled it into the garage to tinker with it. I removed the front plastics and noticed the Air Intake boot is missing so I ordered and installed. Now after my next two mild rides I noticed the exhaust by my left heel is starting to melt the plastic. I put a piece of angle iron on that portion of the exhaust to act as a heat shield but could adding the intake boot be causing this issue? I also put seafoam in the gas just for a general cleaning also might be the issue?

The plugs look perfect however, not lean.

All fluids look fine But I will be changing them shortly as well with just not trusting the previous owners word. I only intend this BF to be running around the property for maintenance and deer hunting nothing extreme ever.

side note.... curious what the rear rack height should be? I'm thinking the rear shock should be rebuilt

Thanks for the feedback!
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