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Cost of dealer/mechanic fixing broken teeth on starter gear vs living with pull start indefinitely

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So I was sold a bill of good with my 05 650 SRA. Guy told me all it needed was the starter, probably stripped the teeth. However after owning it for a few weeks I thumbed the starter a few times and it would turn the engine hit and miss, evident of missing teeth on the starter gear itself. Now I can live with it being pull start indefinitely, but the idea of being stranded should the pull start fail doesn't sit well with me, and being a belt drive it's not like you can pop the clutch while it's in gear to get going.

What is this going to cost me at the dealer on average? I've read the threads on repairing it yourself, acquired the service manual, and honestly i'm not thrilled about doing it.

IF you guys think it's worth my time, what all parts should I be buying to resolve the issue? I've got a buddy who used to work at a powersports shop and worst case I could pay him to help out.
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I have has this issue on a Polaris 500 and changed it myself after a long weekend of riding. It can get old pull starting especially in the AM on cold days. I would fix it for sure, also if you ever go to sell it it will make a big difference. Unfortunately I cant guide on cost.
Yeah..fix it..and fix it yourself. Sure you need a puller for the rotor but ebay has them and I have a service manual if needed. You can do it!
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