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Need to do and check a few things. First, make sure the battery is fully charged and that all the cable ends are clean and tight. Next, make sure the kill switch is working and in the run position. Next, see if when you push the starter button the solenoid clicks and the dash light slightly dim. If so, we need to see if the engine can turn over by hand and that means removing the CVT cover and turning the engine by hand by using the primary clutch. If you can not turn it..that's bad. If the solenoid does not click nor the dash lights dim, there is still an electrical issue..likely with the interlock relays or roll-over sensor so first make sure you are in neutral and the light is on...and hold the brake on enough for the brake light to come on. This will close both interlock relays. Try to start it while doing this. If it starts, one of the relays is bad. If still nothing the rollover switch needs testing. One other common problem is with the connections under the fuse box. They hold water and corrode. One other is with all 2006s built prior to November 2005 is that Kawasaki used the left-over wiring harnesses from the 2005s which had the buss connectors that ALL went bad in time and can cause this problem. There is a how-to video in the Brute Technical section on location and how to fix them. Look to see if yours had it. The date of manufacture is on a sticker on the rear left vertical frame..kinda under and right of the muffler. Good luck Kathy. If you need a service manual let me know.
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