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I guess I'll post this here too. :)

I am reffering to this race...


I was looking through one of my old mags and it turns out there is an
engine test with a TRX, YFZ and Suzie450. It appears the test TRX has
EVERY engine mod the guy I raced claimed - and a dyno run graph!!...
So we can compare exactly what an (over weight..LOL) home built 730 V
with a worn out stock clutch can beat....LOL

The YFZ guy clamied only a pipe so we can see just how full of smurf he
really was.

One interesting this about the Suzie 450, I was beating those all day
except one (I was tieing him)... it was Rock Crawlers friend. But as this
test shows... there is a cam already out for this bike and it puts it almost
exactly in the HP range of the Modded TRX.... I am wondering if Rock
Crawlers friend is also withholding a few details?....LOL

All those bikes were putting 50 horses to the ground if the dyno was rear
wheel.. I think only Ray does crank HP... :)

I hope after John gets me my clutch today, I bet all those races would
have been very different. :) I will scan the Magazine and post it in a few
minutes... give me a sec...


Here ya go.. I think I was doing pretty good consider me and my bike
were probably damn near twice the weight of those guys and their
bikes. :) Should do even better with Johns Clutch.

I tell people the mods that count the most... fundy Cams and Pistons. all
the other little things I did only add maybe 5 to 7 HP anyway.

The TRX gained a full 17hp over stock.

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