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2022 BF 750 power loss

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hello everyone and happy Independence Day weekend!
I have a new 2022 BF 750 that I have taken to local atv parks several times since owning it. I noticed during the first trip that something must be getting wet when I put this things through mud and water no deeper than the skip plates but there is also all the mud being thrown around by the wheels and covering everything.
After going through mud, if not immediately buy maybe within a minute or two, the BF seems to run fine at low speeds and power but the moment I try to give it upwards of half throttle, the machine sputters and even seems to lose all power unless I let off the throttle back to a moderate or low speed. The issue doesn’t seem to go away until after I bring it home and wash it all off. After that I can get it warmed up at home even with everything wet from the water hose or pressure washer and it’s back to full power.
I have recently pulled all the plastic off and took my time over 3 days waterproofing every electrical component I could find and especially the coils and wires.
I went riding a few weekends ago and didn’t seem to have any issues but after riding yesterday it was back to no power and dying out after getting muddy. I thought maybe the radiator having some mud in it could be the issue but I would think without a temperature light on that I shouldn’t have a problem from that.
honestly I’m just baffled at this point! Thanks for any helpful opinions any of you may have
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Sounds like a loose connection somewhere. Check the airbox intake tube and make sure the spark plugs are tight.
Hello, can I ask how you solved the loss of power on your Kawasaki kvf 750, the same thing happened to me today, but I didn't get it dirty anywhere, if I put more than half the gas, it starts sputtering and loses power.

thanks for the answer, I'm at a loss. Greetings from the Czech Republic
You didn't mention the year of your kvf 750 but could be the gas tank valve, not sure if that is the correct name for it. I had problems like you described in the past, once replaced it fixed my problem. It is located on the top right side of the gas tank and can be an issue getting to it with the rear plastics on.
Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to add any valuable data to this post but progress can be slow. I never had a light come on indicating that it was overheating but I believed it was since the radiator wasn’t relocated. I finally got that done 2 weekends ago and went riding the next weekend but ended up having the same issue. After riding a while, it would stall out hard with much over quarter throttle but it did have times it ran well. Dropped it off yesterday at a dealer and he called this morning to let me know that his mechanic said my fan is weak. That’s not something I expected since no light came on and I never noticed a change in the fan. I’m going to assume some damage was done to the fan possibly the first time we road in water and mud but i never noticed it. I’ll know for sure once the fan is replaced but until then, they’re confident that is the issue.
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Next time it starts acting up loosen the gas cap and re-tighten. If it suddenly straightens-out for a while replace the tank vent check valve. Also, OE Kawasaki fan morors are sealed so riding in water or short periods in mud shouldn't hurt it...at all. Kawasaki sensors are reliable so if the hot light didn't come on..pretty sure it wasn't overheated.
Thanks for the response. I have tried the gas cap idea before and I do noticed some vacuum built up when I loosen the cap but to no avail. The service writer originally thought my fuel pump was going bad and that may still be the case. Once the fan is replaced, I’ll give it another run and see how it does. They are suppose to be letting me know about the light as well.
@Longo300 did you ever get a diagnosis? I too have a 2022 and am experiencing this. But in my case it seems to happen after I've been out for a while..... say 12+ miles of fast/hard riding, modest water crossings from puddles to just over tires. Gas cap is damn near impossible to get off sometimes.
It turned out to be the cooling fan was weak. It wasn’t something I ever noticed to be an issue since I never seen it act any different. The mechanic had seen enough of them to know and test it. After replacing the fan, it ran flawlessly. They mentioned there having been some issues with radiators being too small but mine wasn’t in that group according to the vin #.
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