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2018 BF 750 won’t start? Help!

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Hey yall,
I bought this 2018 brute force 750, a couple days ago. it started up when I bought. It ran fine no problems at all but when I got back home the starter would not engage when I tried to start it up, if y’all could give me any help on if I’m doing anything wrong or if I need to check anything that’s be appreciated. here’s a video first context. Thanks.Here’s how I’m trying to start it
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If the key is on and the red kill switch is in the run position, then because there is nothing on the dash, either the battery is dead or there is a very bad connection, or the main fuse is blown...or the key switch is bad.
Yep, that is problem, the Kill Switch (Red Switch under start button) is in the "Off Position", as the video shows.
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