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2012 brute force running weird

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2012 Kawasaki brute force 300. The unit ran perfect before the trans went then sat due to that. The carb was gummed up so I proceeded to clean the carb as well as a new plug, air filter and valve adjustment. After reinstalling it idles good but bogs at almost anything past 1/4 throttle. Any suggestions?
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I’m open to anything at this point I’m just running myself in circles.
Usually..it takes a complete tear-down and vating to re-open plugged slow or pilot passages after one sat long enough to completely dry out. Sometimes you can pull the bowl and blast carb cleaner up through all that through the jets and get lucky. How did you clean it? Low voltage also plays a part on bad running. Is the battery fully charged?
Battery is not fully charged. I’m using a jump box. I cleaned the carb by taking apart all jets and spraying carb clean and compressed air thru every passage, setting the float height and visually looking thru jets to ensure they are clean.
Sounds like it may be battery time. My 300 loves a fully charged system, and has issues with low voltages. Plus, check your choke cable. It may need readjusting. The choke 'piston' must be fully seated in the carb, or it will bog on acceleration. Even out 1/8 inch will cause it to bog on acceleration or partial throttle. Hope that helps........
Thank you I will throw a new battery in it. And see. I tried to take the choke plunger off the cable and stick it in carb and put pressure against it with a screwdriver and it did not fix.
ok update new battery did not fix. I then put a new vacuum line on. Still no fix. Anybody have any updates, I’m 100 percent at a loss with what to do now any help is very appreciated.
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