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2009 Kawasaki Brute Force 650 SA 4X4 Starter Issues

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Hello all,
I recently purchased a 2009 Brute Force from an old gentelmen that had been sitting out side for the majority of it's life but only had 182 hr and 464 miles total. I have been working through some issue like the front brakes locking up (Problem Solved Bad Fluid). Now it not wanting to start will with the pull start but crap a 650 is not easy. It was starting fine then it struggled thought it was the battery bought a new one...now it just click at the relay. checked the relay and power is going to though and out the starter but does not crank. Now this morning after letting the new AGM battery charge all night same issue but then it tried a slow crank then nothing. I am thinking its the starter but **** the new OEM is $650 Plus. My question is has anyone used the starters on Amazon they are aboiut $50 or are they ****? Currently I am removing all skins and making things earier to replace the starter. I can get a new starter from O Riely's for $220...any thought on the starter and what else I shoud tackel with all the skins. Was thinking all fulids spark plus maybe a carbrater clean (replace?). Help this is turning into a larger project than expected...paid $3300 for wheeler just want something solid for around my place for spraying and property maintenance about 2 acers. TY and let me know
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A lot of times people have been able to just pull the starter down,clean them up, clean up the commutator, grease the bearings and they are good to go again...or just order the parts you need for it. If not, yeah those cheap starters won't last as long but you can buy a lot of them for the cost of one OE. They aren't bad.
I am pulling all the skins going to swap all the fluids and go through the dang thing...the wheeler has 15 years of sitting and my plan was to pull the starter and take a look inside. I'll post what I find...TY for the insight.
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