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hey brute riders...new to this site...hello all...
looking to see if anyone has seen this issue. purchased this 2005 brute 750. first mistake was that I didn't take it for a spin, ran fine, but pops from rear carb here and there. (seen bunch of threads on carb cleaning and other tricks) im messing with that now. getting there. im very mechanically inclined person. car tech for over 23 years, so I can fix a thing or two. with that said....im pulling the rest of my hair with this one. I have this rotational clicking noise only on hard R/H turns (sounds like a CV shaft joint clicking, but I replaced the shaft ) coming from what sounds like right side rear wheel. I replaced rear bearings, replaced rear diff, rear shaft u-joint feel ok ( I even removed the rear shaft and drove it in 4x4 without rear shaft and clicking is still there on r/h turns.), I replaced CV shaft, I swapped spindles from side to side, i swapped hubs from side to side, I swapped shocks from side to side, I swapped rear wheels from side to side, checked wheels for cracks, but didn't see any, changed rear diff fluid ( actually all fluids), what else can I mention??? basically im rebuilding this wheeler. previous owner didn't really take care of it. but I got it for a good price. $2200. has only 860 miles, full armor kit, 2500lb winch. This wheeler had rough life with the previous owner and that's when i stepped in and bought it to save it.
i have seen some threads on this noise only on r/h turns, but no real repair results.
has anyone seen this or heard of this?? if so, please share your knowledge, before all of my hair is gone.:laugh:
thanks kawi riders.
note:the clicking seems to get lesser with more weight on the wheeler.
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