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Well I went to pick up some weights to send out to Jim to have him "work his magic" on and I finally got to talk to a guy that races atv's at the Oxford Plains Speedway. They have race night for bike's on Saturday nights which includes ATV's that every saturday night unless something else is planned for that evening. They do BOTH brackett, and heads up. So for right now I'm just talk but I will be doing this, as I did sleds. But, with this it will be all new so I need to know a few things like. Do I need "pit people" other than just for company? Do I need to flush coolant to keep it cool between races? Whats the most common thing to "go wrong or bad" during a race?

I know I will want a wheelie bar. A teather, safety gear, leathers, I have all that. This guy I talked to has a LT whatever that is? To me that means long track :lol: But he told me about a Yamaha dealer that know his stuff, and sends out his clutches even to have then re- turned on his 4x4, and has a hot RX-1. Well it turns out that I know the guy and he was a rival, and is the owner of Woody's a shop near me. He's the guy with the turbo Rino I told about on another site. So I will look him up but I don't want to look like a complete idiot when it comes to dragging ATV's so I want to learn somethings before I go. He and I get a long well but at the track we put on the face if you know what I mean. But, before and after we always hung out. I was ski-doo he was always Yama-dog. He's got the funds, I don't. Now the picture gets clearer :lol:

Any info or advice on this from anyone will be appreciated...Ed...
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