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06 750 having trouble starting

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Hey yall Im new to this forum.
So I have a 06 750 brute force that has been sitting for 3 years. It was starting and running perfectly when I put it in storage. Last week I put in a new battery and tried to start it but it didn't want to go so I ended up draining the fuel in filling it up with new fuel. It still did not want to start but I eventually got it going. It cranks but wont does not want to start. I have a feeling its something to do with the fuel line but I'm not 100% sure. Once it starts it will continue running. I just cant figure out why It does not want to start. If anyone has any suggestions or advice please let me know!
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You put your Brute in storage for three years without draining the carb bowls, tank or fuel lines? Mistake. It is very likely the slow or pilot passages in both carbs are partly blocked with the varnish from drying gas and it's also very possible the check valves and diaphragm in the fuel pump is stuck or malfunctioning. The carbs may need to be vatted, either chemical or ultrasonic, to remove the varnish and you will just have to test the fuel pressure and volume as per the manual on the pump. Some people have had good some good luck draining the bowls of gas, then refilling them with spray carb cleaner through the drain ports until it starts coming out the overflow ports right next to the drain port, shutting the valves, letting it set an hour or so, then cranking it just enough for it to almost start. That pulls that carb cleaner farther into the passages where it can desolve the varnish more and let it sit another couple of hours, then fire it up. Otherwise..it's vat time I'm afraid.

You will also want to check the CV slides for smooth movement and...splits in the carb boots at or under the head-side clamps. Very common.
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