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New to the brute world! First post
I have an 05 kawasaki brute force 5700kms 570hrs it is completely stock I'm second owner have had it for approximately a year has been a great machine to me
Yesterday I think I dropped a valve in one of the cylinders
Now I'm looking for advice for rebuild kits that ship to or in Canada 馃嚚馃嚘
Stock oem or big bore kit?
Should I rebuild the entire engine if I decide to go big bore route?

Thanks in advance guys 馃

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She's no spring chicken with those hours & kms. I would do a full rebuild regardless. Besides, when they drop a valve the piston impacts it and damages the rod bearing and crank so you really have no choice now. Although I was a certified motorcycle mechanic for years and worked for Honda many moons ago, I have to tell you that even I wouldn't do it myself now...mostly because I don't have the shop, equipment or the special tools it takes. If it were mine, the engine would go to nFlow for a full re-man. And if I wanted a BBK installed I would just have them do it. Yeah it's not cheap...but it will be right..and be warrantied.
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