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  1. Quads & Parts For Sale
    Have a brand new never used snorkel kit for a 2006 brute force 650. Bought new never installed. Located in ct. Will ship. Looking for 150$. Have pictures avaliable.
  2. Brute Snorkeling
    New here, I recently bought a 2006 650 sra I am trying to get it back in good shape there are a lot of things that aren't ran right on it. Like coolant hoses I am having trouble with the carbs. It has an hmf exhaust and is snorkeld I'm having trouble with it running correctly from dead start to...
  3. Brute Snorkeling
    if I get a muzzy slip on exhaust, what kind of snorkel can I get? do I have to rejet? I wanna get a power commander chip too how would the snorkel effect that?
  4. Brute Snorkeling
    After a few very close call and some wet belts. i decided it is time for a snorkel. i should have done this earlier seeing as how i had pvc and glue and couplings laying around the house just needed some fittings. so i went to my local Hardware store.. (lowes) grabbed some extra stuff that i...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I have a carbed (has a choke) 2006 Brute force 750 4x4 I just got. I don't know much about it. I have some paperwork that the heads are 900cc now. It is on a gorilla axle lift. It is HUGE. It has three snorkels that are not connected AT ALL. I need to find out how to add all the approporiate...
  6. General Discussion
    Have a 2011 Brute that I snorkelled and works 100%, this kit I ordered and it came pre assembled. However on my 2006 Brute Force 750 I picked up PVC pipe and attempted to do myself mimicking the kit I ordered. I ran a vent line off the check valve at the fuel tank to under the handlebars and...
  7. Brute Snorkeling
    Hello all, I'm new to brute central, and it is great, I am snorkeling my 2010 750i and ran all the crank case stuff and it's fine my question is I ran a long rubber hose... (hi temp boost hose) that fits great I got from work, come out and 90* s up mint... On problem is now im close to the power...
1-7 of 7 Results