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  1. New Member Introductions
    New member, first post. I'm having trouble with my fuel pump and fan relays. They aren't closing. The wires were corroded and loose causing intermittent issues in both so I cut and spliced new connectors in. I also replaced the fan breaker with an inline fuse. Both relays are getting voltage to...
  2. Brute Chassis & Electrical
    The wiring on my 2011 Brute 750 became corroded and came out of the two relays on the rear of the bike under the seat. Wondering if off hand anyone knew the order they went in or could possibly look at theirs and tell me how they go. Should be the same on Brutes 08-11. Each of the two relays...
  3. Brute Talk
    hey so just recent my winch has stopped working i checked all leads didnt have time to check for power or lok up diagrams, as i dont have a manual yet, just wondering if its common for these relay to go?
1-3 of 3 Results