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  1. Brute Engine & Drivetrain
    What’s up man I got a 06 Brute Force 750 brand new built top end I mean brand new, got it back and road it for a day the next day it started running rough then cut off, trying to start it back up it wouldn’t spin over it was acting like it was hard to spin over we got it running and it was...
  2. Brute Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi guys, new member here Recently bought an 06 Brute force 750. I’m relatively good with small engines but I’m having some issues getting my new wheeler going. First personal wheeler for me so I’m kinda learning the machine as I go. Bought the wheeler not running. Had sat for 3 years through...
  3. Quads & Parts For Sale
    Have a brand new never used snorkel kit for a 2006 brute force 650. Bought new never installed. Located in ct. Will ship. Looking for 150$. Have pictures avaliable.
  4. Brute Talk
    Hi All, My name is Sumner and I just acquired a 2006 Brute 750. I'm active on the Highlifter Forums (filter won't allow them though :|) and have owned several other ATVs, but this is my first Brute! I'll try to post pics later but I just wanted to say y'all have a great site!
  5. Brute Engine & Drivetrain
    2012 Brute Force 750 4x4i eps Tires: 28" Mega Mayhems I went riding on some trails yesterday. Well I was going on this one path with water and it just look like shallow water nope big mud hole, muddy water was about half tail pipe tried not to get any in there but I guess it did and now won't...
  6. Brute Talk
    I saw a couple threads on this website and others asking about brush guards for the 2012 brute forces and finally last night I was looking and found that kawasaki finally has pictures of it but didnt see a price. looks like a pretty good deal. im thinking that i will be getting one this spring...