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brute force 650
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  1. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have a 2006 brute force 650 SRA. The other day I started it and it would run rough when I gave it throttle. I checked the the fire and both were firing I put new ones in anyways to be safe. It still sputters and quits when you give it throttle the only way I could get it to start...
  2. Brute Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi all, I am new to the forums. Hopefully, someone here can help me before I break something expensive. I am attempting to replace what I think is known as the "Starter Drive Idle Gear Sprocket". It's a small gear with a built-in clutch that sits close to the starter so when the starter is...
  3. Brute Talk
    Will a 2005 brute 750 Tranny the same as a 08 brute 650 ?
  4. Reviews
    I'm maybe looking in to buying a brute force 650. But I don't now if a 650 or a 650i would be better in the mud.
1-4 of 4 Results