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  1. Brute Engine & Drivetrain
    Thanks in advance. This this is head and shoulders above my 2000 king quad LOL
  2. General Discussion
    Just traded for this beast and know nothing about it or 4 wheelers in general, need to educate myself on what all I'm working with here. I've searched to no end for a manual I can download and print myself with no luck. If anyone has one they could e-mail I would be grateful. Many thanks!
  3. Quads & Parts For Sale
    I lost my key to my bike. I was told I'm order to get a new key that I need to get a new ignition switch as well. I was hoping I could find these parts here?
  4. Brute Engine & Drivetrain
    Welcome from South Florida. I am completely new to the forum world and owning a 4x4 for that matter. Idk if I am even posting this thread rigjht but if I am I could really use some help. I just recently purchased a 2007 650i brute force. It' is snorkeled with custom tires, exhaust, clutch...
  5. Brute Engine & Drivetrain
    My name is Austin, I bought a yfz450 with a cracked crankcase for $650, fixed it then traded it for an 07 brute force 650I with a busted front diff, since then I've replaced the front diff, put a dynatek CDI, and K&N on it, its always seemed to have a rought idle and runs alot better with the...
1-5 of 5 Results