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  1. Brute Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi I have a 04 brute and I had issues with the 4wd blinking light showing issue with the 4wd actuator. Changed the pot got the error out and actuator tests fine outside of diff (switches to 4wd and 2wd as it should with the switch and speed), does engage 4wd in the diff but says it is in 2wd...
  2. Brute Chassis & Electrical
    Just finished rebuilding my front differential on my 2014 Brute 750 - after it was all assembled i tried putting the bike in 4wd, flipped the switch and rolled forward and there was no response. The 2wd/4wd was working just fine before the rebuild and there are no error codes, pulled the...
  3. Brute Chassis & Electrical
    My '05 Brute won't lock in or out of 4wd. The display reads 2wd all the time. I checked the selector switch on the handle bars and it is clean and working fine, I also took my acuator off and plugged it in on my other kawi and it seems to be in working order. I checked all the connectors on...
1-3 of 3 Results