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  1. Brute Chassis & Electrical
    I just traded for an 06 ksv700 trying to purchase a rear wet brake kit and I'm not finding much info on the brakes or brake parts. Do they all interchange? KSV700 kfv700, brute force, prairie, etc Only thing I can find is that the brute force is 04 05? Cause the differences in top end parts...
  2. General Discussion
    I’m new to the page, but I have a 06 bruteforce 750 with a no spark issue. I replaced the starter and light switch along with the cdi and installed another wiring harness on it. Still no spark. The odd thing is that the starter switch still doesn’t work even with the new one installed, and the...
  3. Brute Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi guys, new member here Recently bought an 06 Brute force 750. I’m relatively good with small engines but I’m having some issues getting my new wheeler going. First personal wheeler for me so I’m kinda learning the machine as I go. Bought the wheeler not running. Had sat for 3 years through...
  4. Brute Engine & Drivetrain
    Hey guys I'm new on here but I have an 06 750 that's gotta have new rings and probably a crank. Just wandering what kind of upgrades I can do while I've got the motor torn down already. Trying to get more performance out of this guy.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Just got a brute 2006 209 miles 58 hours ITP rims and 27 inch mud Tires Broken front left head light (fixing soon) Cracked cv boot (ordered) Dents and scratch on back rack.think it was flipped. Amazing ride! Can't wait to use it more!! 3250 with heated helmet !!
  6. General Discussion
    Have a 2011 Brute that I snorkelled and works 100%, this kit I ordered and it came pre assembled. However on my 2006 Brute Force 750 I picked up PVC pipe and attempted to do myself mimicking the kit I ordered. I ran a vent line off the check valve at the fuel tank to under the handlebars and...
1-6 of 6 Results